Barbora BerniniBarbora Bernini • Author | Street Photographer

“I have always been inspired by the people I meet on my travels. Their life journeys, their adventures, their wishes, dreams and desires, their victories and losses. I love the charm of the ordinary day because I know that simple moments are usually the biggest and most important ones. The streets of our cities are full of micro-stories that may last just for a few seconds but often change your life forever. Living in the present moment, that’s the beauty of slow travel. And these are the stories I want to tell: with and without words.”

Barbora Bernini is an urban storyteller, collector of experiences and advocate of slow travel. In her books and through her street photographs, she captures the charm of the present moment and the beauty of the everyday life in amazing metropolises of our planet, telling surprising, unexpected and fascinating micro stories of their dwellers.

Barbora is also a film translator. She speaks six languages, studies Chinese and continues to discover breathtaking places around the world. When she doesn’t roam the planet, she enjoys long walks with her dog, endless summer nights with her friends over delicious food and wine, jazz, yoga and dark chocolate with almonds.

milan-english-coverlove-insaneMy Books: Urban Stories

Every city has its hidden, mysterious face. Places you can’t find in guidebooks, impossible to find during a short visit. Hundreds of everyday micro-stories lived by its dwellers. Thousands of fleeting moments that pass unnoticed. I invite you to immerse yourself in the real life of breathtaking  metropolises and in the extraordinary fortunes of their inhabitants. Discover the cities of our planet through the eyes of those who live, work, dance and love there.  >>Learn more



streetspiritphotographer-comMy Street Photography: The World In Black & White

I am a lifelong traveler. I love exploring the world off the beaten track, slowly savoring every moment, every sound, every detail. My lens is a tool for sharing beautiful places and encounters as I see them through my heart and soul.

I love black-and-white photography for its truth: it focuses on the emotion of the story without distraction or embellishment. Street photography is the core of my professional work, a great source of joy and adventure.

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